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OKC, meet MOE!

From the moment we opened the Night Shelter in 2021, it was evident our guests needed better access to transportation for connecting to essential services, employment and housing opportunities and their social support networks. Many of our guests have mobility issues, and for those that don't, the extreme Oklahoma weather and sheer size of our city can make reaching a destination feel impossible. Which is why we are thrilled to announce our two mobile outreach and engagement shuttles are finally on the road. Both complementary shuttles currently run Monday through Friday, with each stop offering riders connection to services critical for their safety, security, and housing stability. MOE is equipped with a wheelchair lift and leashed pets are welcome. All rides are free, first come, first serve, and riders can hop on or off at any of the stops detailed below. We look forward to serving you.


Updated MOE schedule_edited_edited.jpg

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Lydia Foxen
Director of Mobile Outreach and Engagement


Routes are subject to change as we discover the needs of our riders. Please check back often for updates.

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