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Join Our Team!

Thank you for your interest in working at City Care! Honestly, we're blushing! Our mission of 'inspiring those willing to look social injustice and extreme poverty in the face, and empowering them to do whatever it takes to create change,' is our North Star, informing everything we do. This isn't a "family," but a team of extremely diverse and compassionate professionals who've come together, united in the idea that a flourishing human experience comes as a result of relational margin - and everyone in our community deserves both.

Are you compassionate, and driven? You might be just who we are looking for! City Care is looking for a few advocates, dreamers and do-gooders to join the team. If you share our vision for a city where even the most vulnerable flourish, understanding we are in this to support people for the long haul, please continue reading below. 


Wondering what it's like to work at City Care?

We recruit passionate folks with diverse backgrounds of industry and lived expertise, and empower them to do what only they can do.

We think clear is kind, and kind is cool. We assume good intent  - delivering feedback with care, and accepting feedback with humility.

We are solutions focused and value fluid intelligence. We offer high accountability and low control as team members work with urgency towards our community's best.

Work Life Balance

It isn't just words, it is modeled from the top down. We strive to make City Care the best place you've ever worked, and a huge part of that is balance. When you are on the clock, give us your best. And when you are off the clock, give your friends, family and self your best. It will be a rare emergency that you receive work communication after 5pm, and unless you are explicitly asked to respond, feel free to leave it in your inbox until the next work day.

First 90 Days

For you Enneagram 1s and 3s, this one might be a challenge. But we find that the best way to onboard new team members is to give them space and time to observe our programs and processes before they are expected to implement or change anything. So we are going to ask you to spend your first 90 days getting to know folks, we are going to ask you to read a book, take program tours, shadow your supervisor, you get the idea. There will probably be day to day tasks that we have to get done, but largely, we are going to ask you to wait 90 days before digging in full speed. Your supervisor and members of the Leadership Team will schedule some time after 90 days to hear about your observations and ideas, and plan next steps. So if you are asked to slow down, just know it's not you, it's us.  :)

High Accountability

Adherence to City Care values and mission are non negotiables, but no one works unsupported. We encourage all team members to hold themselves, and each other accountable for embodying the City Care way. When feedback is necessary, we ask that it is offered with care, and accepted with humility. There isn't much we can't solve if we are sitting on the same side of the table.

Tools + Technology

Is there anything worse than being a Mac person in a PC work environment? Or visa versa? We know appropriate tools are critical to your success, and we work hard to keep everyone well-equipped. If there is something we don't currently have access to that would make your job easier or more efficient, please speak up and we will do our best to get it for you.

Low Control

We are not in the business of saying no, or micro-managing. We value creativity, integrity, compassion and drive. Once you are given your lane, we encourage you to go hard, bring your best ideas - and bring some bad ones too - who knows what we might iterate off those. Your supervisor and the Leadership Team will offer their presence, coaching, support and guardrails. But ultimately, we believe in you to support our vulnerable neighbors with excellence.

Performance Reviews

At the beginning of each year, you and your supervisor will set clear and measurable goals for your role. We don't want anyone feeling in the dark, so in addition to input into your goals, you will have regularly scheduled 1:1 time with your supervisor, the CEO, and the Leadership Team to ideate and problem solve. Goals are reviewed midway through the year, and of course, your performance will be reviewed at the end of the year. But feedback doesn't just go downhill, it goes in all directions. You will be asked to review your teammates and supervisor each year as well. And to honor your excellence, annual merit bonuses are paid mid year. 

Our Hiring Process




We review application materials to screen for a variety of criteria. 



Candidates are asked to submit answers to questions via video or to have an intro call with one of our recruiters.



We conduct in-person interviews so we can get to know each other better.



We make an offer to the candidate we feel is best for the role.

Our Perks + Benefits
  • Health Insurance (Includes Employer Contribution %)

  • Dental Insurance

  • Vision Insurance

  • Short/Long Term Disability

  • 401 Match up to 5%

  • Generous PTO Bank 

  • Free Employee Assistance Program

  • Parental Leave (12 weeks, foster, adopt, birth)

  • Merit Bonus

  • Christmas Bonus

  • Continuing Education Stipend

  • 7 Paid Rest Weeks for Shelter Frontline Workers 


Antiracism Policy

City Care is dedicated to fostering a more equitable and inclusive society. Our Anti-Racism Policy reflects our unwavering commitment to eliminating racism and promoting justice in our social services. We will actively work toward a future where all individuals, regardless of their racial or ethnic background, have equal opportunities and access to the support and resources they need. To read our policy in full, click here.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

City Care is dedicated to providing social services that are inclusive and free from discrimination. Our Anti-Discrimination Policy reflects our commitment to fostering a diverse, equitable, and respectful environment within our organization and ensuring that our services are accessible to all individuals, regardless of their background or identity. We strive to create a society where everyone is treated with dignity and equality. To read our policy in full, click here.

*Individuals can email Title VI complaints or concerns to

Available Positions

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