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If you or someone you know needs emergency shelter, please call 405.724.8439 to reserve a bed. Our shelter is located at 532 N. Villa Ave. Families with children are welcome to check in at 4:30pm each day, and our individual guests can check in at 6:00pm. Companion pets are also welcome and will be checked into our pet hotel for your overnight stay. Guests are asked to check out by 7:00am each morning. Our shelter offers guests secure storage for their belongings, showers, and a safe and calm environment for a good night's rest. Beds fill up quickly, so reservations are highly encouraged. 

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Guests are welcome to stay for one night, or one hundred nights with no prerequisites or requirements, but all guests are asked to treat each other and us with kindness and respect.


We acknowledge emergency shelter is not the end goal, but a starting place. Our advocates are committed to learning names and stories, building trust, offering resources and support to our guests as they embark on the courageous work of building a better tomorrow for themselves and those they love. 

Transformation starts here.

Looking for a way to help? 

Do you want to volunteer at the night shelter? Currently calling all early birds to join us for coffee club. Night owl? Come join our hospitality team to ensure our guests have a smooth and welcoming check in. For more information, click the volunteer tab at the top of your screen. 

Are you interested in donating inkind items to the shelter? You can find our amazon wishlist here

Shawn Loyd
Director of Homeless Services