City Care Collective: People sharing good.

As members of the City Care Collective, we are united as activists for the overlooked. We hold these truths as an anthem to our mission: to create change in our community.

We affirm the inherent dignity we share as human beings, worthy of respect, kindness, and love.

We commit to proximity, community, and relationship with our friends, family, and neighbors.

We amplify the unheard voices and are allied with our friends on the margins.

We proclaim our city is not just a city for the advantaged and connected; it is a city for us all.

We belong to each other.

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Even though it is quite the cliché, I have always wanted to leave the world better than I found it. If I can use what I have to help lighten someone's load or make their life easier, then I feel that it's my responsibility to do so. Imagine if every single person on the planet (or, heck, the city!) shared that feeling! When we focus on the community rather than the individual, amazing things happen.

Holly Hoyler

Thank you to our City Care Collective Members. 

To those who give faithfully to our most vulnerable neighbors, who join us month in and month out to meet the needs of those living in the margins of our community, who sustain us and motivate us and encourage us, thank you. We are so grateful for you.

Lynne Alexander
Julie Arntzen
Nancy Bailey
Suzanne Becker
Jennifer and Andy Bowman
Ellie Burns
Gary Caplinger
Brandon Carr
Janet and David Clanton
Lindsay Crabtree
Tina and Patrick Evans
Colby Fabrie
Chelsea Fischer
Bethany and Chris Flokstra
Susan Fox
Kelly and Chris Fry
Kori Hall
Paige Henderson
Heather Hnot
Cassie and Tyler Holmes
Holly Hoyler
Joseph Hudson
Danna and Kirk Humphreys
Barry Johnson
Amy Keith
Kathleen Kelley
Kelli Kinnamon
Erin and Justin Lawrence
Mandi and Jack Lemon

Vicki and Butch Leonard
Shirles and Mark Magdalena
Dale and Debbi McCullock
Kyree Mitchell
Carolyn Sue Moffett
Dr. Amy Newberry and Josh Newberry
Ashley Nichols
Mallory and Steve Bowman
Brittany Phillips
Valerie Prentice Sherrer
Thomas Richter
Kim Rolston
Meg Salyer
Craig and Staci Sanger
Kristen Schuble
Kristen and Paul Seikel
Linda and Stephen Slawson
Maribeth Snapp
Earnest Stuckey II
Carole and Jeremy Tear
Mary Terral
James and Jen Trent
April White
Chelsea Banks and Chad Whitehead
Pamela Wilks
Ronni Williams
Maria Wilson
Terri Woodland
Kenneth Wright