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City Care Collective: People sharing good.

As members of the City Care Collective, we are united as activists for the overlooked. We hold these truths as an anthem to our mission: to create change in our community.

We affirm the inherent dignity we share as human beings, worthy of respect, kindness, and love.

We commit to proximity, community, and relationship with our friends, family, and neighbors.

We amplify the unheard voices and are allied with our friends on the margins.

We proclaim our city is not just a city for the advantaged and connected; it is a city for us all.

We belong to each other.

 City Care is a catalyst for positive change in OKC. They treat people with dignity and meet them right where they’re at. They focus on the “big picture” by providing resources to both children and adults. I’ve encountered poverty and homelessness in OKC that has left me wondering “How can I help? Where would I even start?”. City Care was the answer! Monthly giving can make a bigger impact than I’m capable of making on my own.

Katelyn Mee

Thank you to our City Care Collective Members. 

To those who give faithfully to our most vulnerable neighbors, who join us month in and month out to meet the needs of those living in the margins of our community, who sustain us and motivate us and encourage us, thank you. We are so grateful for you.

Chrys and Myerl Arnold
Julie Arntzen
Nancy Bailey
Keri Bankston
Suzanne Becker
Cody Blosch 
Commissioner Carrie Blumert 
Emilly Boese
Mallory and Steve Bowman
Colton Butler 
Gary and Kathryn Caplinger
Nathan Carr

Nicole Carrel
Cheri Cooksey
Lauren Duarte
Tina and Patrick Evans 
Jana Findlay 
Chelsea Fischer
Bethany and Chris Flokstra
Michael Francis
Josh Galdamez
Margaret and Roger Gann
Lucas Goodspeed
Johnny Grado
Kori Hall
Paige Henderson
Sara Hileman
Mike Hoàng
Cassie and Tyler Holmes
Holly Hoyler
Joseph Hudson
Maggie Hudson
Krista Hughes
Vicki Hughes
Rachel Hupp
Becky and Don Jacks
Barry Johnson
Amy Keith
Amna Khan 

Jan Kimball
Kelli Kinnamon
Liz and Jon Kuhlman
Kai Austin-Landreth 
Erin and Justin Lawrence
Mandi and Jack Lemon
Rachel Lester 
Kim Lotspeich

Gina and Lance Luck
Helen Mason
Lexi McLerran
Katelyn Mee 
Jack Nation
Amy and Joshua Newberry
Braylee and Jeremiah Nicholson
Blake Nofziger 
Sharron Palmer 
Pam and Eric Pillmore
Thomas Richter
Kim Rolston
Meg Salyer
Staci and Craig Sanger
Kayla Schaffner
Kristen Schuble
Kristen and Paul Seikel
Bethany Showalter
Linda and Stephen Slawson
Martha Ann Smith
Angela Steward
Terry Storch
Colin Strickland
Earnest Stuckey II
Mary Terral
Ashley Terry
James and Jen Trent
Stephanie Truong
Jamie Vafadar
Christin Vaughn
Stephanie Warman
Weston Waugh 
DeDe Webb
Chelsea Banks and Chad Whitehead
Pamela Wilks
Katie Williams
Ronni Williams 
Aubrey and Ross Williamson
Maria Wilson
Andrew Winters
Luzmari Withers 
Terri Woodland
Tanna and Chris Zach
Frontier State Bank
Oklahoma Swim Academy
St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral

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