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At City Care, we believe everyone deserves access to safe shelter, no matter their current circumstance or station in life. We've built our shelter to address the complex needs of those we serve. We designed bulk storage space to ensure that our guests no longer have to make the decision between their only possessions and a warm bed every night. The space is large enough to accommodate shopping carts, large bags, bicycles and more.

One of the most frequent reasons people share with us for not accessing shelters, is the sleeping arrangements split up families, sending the men to one area, and women and children to another area. We believe families belong together, so we designed each of these suites with plenty of beds for everyone, and a private bathroom. 

For many navigating the isolation and loneliness that is often associated with homelessness, a pet is family. Most shelters in our city do not accept pets, which leaves some of our neighbors out on the streets even in the most extreme weather conditions. Here, pet owners can check their animals into our Night Shelter Pet Hotel, a climate-controlled space with clean kennels, fresh food and water, and a wash station.

If you are interested in learning more about the Night Shelter, we would love to show you around. Sign up for one of our monthly tours below, and one of our team members will reach out with more information soon.

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